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The vitro Retina department is well equipped with the most up to date diagnostic and surgical systems including Accurus Vitrectomy System, Cirrhus OCT, Zeiss Green Laser and Fundus Camera. A multitude of Vitroretinal deseases including retinal detachment, ARMD, Diabetic Retinopathy, Endophthalmitis, ROP, etc. is managed by well trained consultants. The department also manages cases of traumna with Posterior Segment involvement and diseases of Uvea.


Retina in the eye : -

Light ray from the object passes through cornea, where it is bent and passes through the lens. There further it is focused and passes through the vitreous before it falls finally on the retina. Here light energy converted into electrical impulses. This electrical impulse reaches to brain through optic nerve. Then brain works and person can see.

Retinal Detachment : -

Separation of retina from the back wall of the eye is called as retinal detachment (this is similar to wallpaper peeling off a wall)

• Lattice degeneration (weak spot in retina)
• Retinal hole or tear
• Injury
• Long term diabetes mellitus

Common Symptoms of Retinal Detachment : -

• People often describe seeing something black or a curtain, cobweb or flashing light.
• Sudden appearance of floaters and flashes.

Retinal Problems

Retinal Problems : -

1) Congenital (i.e. present since birth )

2) Acquired (i.e. acquired at later stage)
Retina can be involved fully or only central part is involved.

Common Retinal disorders : -

• Retinal tear
• Retinal hole
• Retinal Detachment
Diabetic retinopathy (caused by long standing diabetes)

Other Diseases of Retina :-

1) Retinal artery occlusion
2) Retinal vein occlusion
3) Edema of the retina
4) Retinal macro aneurysms
5) Retrolental fibroplasia
6) Retinitis pigmentosa
7) Peripheral cystoid degeneration
8) Senile Retinoschisis
9) Paving stone degeneration of the retina
10) Lattice Degeneration
11) Preretinal membranes
12) Macula - central serous detachment of the retina
13) Age Related Macular degeneration.
14) Penetrating injury


Surgeries : -

• Corneal Transplantation
• Optical keratoplasty is corneal grafting to improve vision.
• Therapeutic keratoplasty is to eradicate corneal disease
• Tectonic keratoplasty to save the anatomical integrity of the eye ball
• Cosmetic keratoplasty to improvethe patient’s appearance.

Retinal Hole / Tear : -

• Holes are small circular defects in the retina
• Tears are due to a flap of retina being pulled off the choroids as vitreous shrinks.


Treatment : -

1) Laser therapy (Diathermy):- In laser a beam of light is converted to heat when it hits the retina. This weld the retina to the choroids.
2) Cryo therapy: - In Cryo the cold probe freezes the tissue around the tear causing the retina and choroids to stick together.
3) Pneumatic retinopathy: - Gas is injected into the vitreous cavity. The gas once injected in the eye expands thereby pushing the retina towards the eye ball. Over a period of time, the gas gets absorbed. The period of absorption will depend upon the type of gas used. Depending on the severity of the break, the injection of the gas varies.


Know Your Consultants

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Dr. Amit Porwal
D.O.M.S. (Ophthalmology
Cornea & Refractive Surgery
Dr. Ritu Verma
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Glaucoma Department
Dr.Tina Damani
M.S. (Ophthalmology)
Pediatric Ophthalmology
Dr. Pradeep Ramteke
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Dr.Shekhar Mankad
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Dr. Jagriti Jain
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Dr. Milind Rokade
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Dr. Asha Pal
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Dr. Ruchi Verma
Dr. Sanjay Bhatnager
MD Medicine
Dr.Ashok Kumar Dosi

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