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Choithram Netralaya is a charitable foundation catering to the needs of the underprivileged population in remote areas. As a result of a lack of awareness, patients are not taking proper care of their eyes. They are unable to reach a tertiary eye care center. The reason is that many eye disorders present themselves, but patients come for treatment when they are very late, because they did not consult eye doctors in time. Many cataract problems are complicated, but all of them are treated at Choithram Netralaya. Choithram Netralaya screens patients in both remote and urban areas and brings them to the base hospital. They are then thoroughly examined for any eye diseases and treated accordingly. In addition to cataract surgery, other eye ailments such as glaucoma and corneal and retinal pathologies are also addressed.

In developing countries, such as India, rural populations still have difficulty accessing quality eye care. Choithram Netralaya recognized this need early on and put in place an elaborate system to identify patients in nearby villages with eye problems. By using this system, they will be transported to the main hospital. Provide them with free glasses, operate on them, and send them home after treatment. Food requirements are also provided. As a charitable trust, the Choithram Fountain Of Humanitarian Services Charitable Trust supports such patients wholeheartedly.


  • Almost all critical cases of eye conditions are treated.

  • Cataract surgery is performed.

  • Free eye glasses provided to them after treatment.

  • Patients in the community have access to a food and beverage facility.

  • Transport facilities for such patients are also offered.

  • Other eye conditions like glaucoma, corneal, and retinal pathologies are also treated at Choithram Netralaya.

Choithram Fountain Of Humanitarian Services Charitable Trust always prioritizes social causes related to eye care. We are raising awareness about eye care in every corner. We are providing the base hospital, known as Choithram Netralaya. Our dedicated ophthalmology team provides the most effective eye care treatment to patients.